About us

Crown fabrication is driven to provide people with durable products essential for off-roading and associated activities. Founded by the duo, David Padilla and Marlon Andres; we equip well-experienced and qualified engineers and technicians for manufacturing off-road accessories that are of the best quality at all times.
We offer a range of products of high quality that are crafted and designed to meet all your desired needs. Crown fabrication offers its customers:
High-quality products
All off-road accessories and products are engineered and designed to last. We offer products that are tailored and designed to meet specific off-road automotive needs.
Experienced Engineers
Technicians and engineers that work at Crown fabrication all have experience in the off-road accessory business. We work with ASE-certified mechanical and electronic engineers that possess the necessary skills essential to develop strong, rugged, and durable accessories for off-roading.
Best Rates
We ensure access to all products you need at a relatively low price. Get your camping, overloading, and off-roading products from us at an affordable price in the market.
Reliable and Trustworthy
Our customers can always count on us for all their off-road accessories. We are bankable, and our customer service support is top-notch.
Our services revolve around our customers, and satisfying your off-roading needs is highly essential to us. Connect with Crown fabrication directly via support@crownfabrication.com